Surviving Gregori or any High School

Resources, Tips, & Ideas for Parents and students

  1. Emphasize that your student is earning credits towards meeting graduation requirements.  He/she must pass all required classes to graduate.

  2. Because of the increased  number of students at the high school setting, parents and students must take more initiative in obtaining assistance.  Parents should not hesitate to contact the attendance office to track student attendance or the student's teacher to monitor academic progress.

  3. Tutoring is available.  See the teacher in the class you need tutoring.

  4. Use the buddy system.  Make sure your student has a reliable person in each class to help with assignments when he/she is absent or has questions.  

  5. Weekly progress checks are available in the counseling office and are a useful tool in tracking student progress.

  6. Encourage your student to use a daily planner and to keep materials and assignments organized.

  7. Contact the counselor if you believe your student has been truant or refuses to go to school.  Quick action is essential.

  8. Encourage your student to get involved in school activities.  Refer to the clubs or school sports pages. 

  9. Work with your student to set realistic short-term and long-term goals.  Realizing the purpose for a high school education is important.

  10. Contact the teacher as soon as you sense that your student is having difficulty.  Early intervention is important.  Teacher email addresses are located on our website.