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Gregori High School ASB Student Store

Gregori High School ASB Student Store

Click the link to order on-line!

Orders with be filled within 2-3 business days and they will receive a phone call or an email to schedule a pick up time.

Please see information regarding AP Test Ordering. If you need to purchase a reduced fee exam you will need to fill out the LCFF Household Income form ( or submit the attached Income Verification Form no later than Monday, October 19th. Income Verification Forms should be sent to Mr. Hurtado. You will not be able to order a reduced fee exam without completing one of these forms.

Need To Take A Class Through ESS

Need To Take A Class Through ESS

InformedK12 routing instructions:

Step 1 – Initiator: Counselor should initiate the ballot and send it to a VALID email address for the parent & student to sign. (Please verify address prior to sending.) Enter as much information as possible before sending it to the parent/student for signature. A parent or student can initiate the ballot but must complete both step 1 and step 2.

Step 2 – Signature Parent/Student: Parent and student electronically sign the ballot and then send to the ESS Coordinator

Step 3 – ESS Coordinator (site contact): Receives the form, verifies information and completeness of form, and forwards it to the student’s counselor.

Step 4 – Counselor:
• Reviews ballot for completeness
• Enter the student on the site tracking sheet for enrollment
• Enrolls the student in the appropriate ESS course(s) based on priority and available space.
• Notifies student and parent of course enrollment.