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Principal Derek Pendley
3701 Pirrone Road
Modesto, CA 95356
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Attendance at Gregori High School

Career Technology Attendance
Veronica Flores – [email protected]
(209) 574-1745 - Press 1 for Career Tech

Global Studies Attendance
Jonette Martine – [email protected]
(209) 574-1745 – Press 2 for Global Studies

Digital Media & Business Attendance
Elisa Magana – [email protected]
(209) 574-1745 – Press 3 for Digital Media

Visual & Performing Arts
Sandra Aguilar – [email protected]
(209) 574-1745 – Press 4 for VPA

Welcome to the Attendance Department here at Gregori High School. Our staff is here to assist students and families with any questions or concerns regarding their attendance.

A phone call or note from the parent/guardian is required to excuse absences that are verified in accordance with the Education Code and Board Policy (C.A.C. Title 5, Sec. 420). The Attendance office can be reached at (209) 574-1745. Excused absences allow the student to make up work that occurred during the absence (2 school days for each day missed). Responsibility for requesting missed work lies with the student.

Should the attendance office receive the phone call prior to 1:30 p.m. on the same day that the student is absent, he/she will not be required to come to the attendance office for a re-admit to class. The teachers will receive a computer printout each morning indicating the absences from the prior day.

If a phone call is not received on the day of the absence, the student will be required to come to the attendance office upon their return for a re-admit slip. If a student brings a note to clear the absence, these notes must be in pen, include the full name of the student, state the date(s) and reason for absence, and have a parent/guardian signature.

Leaving Campus Early

If a student needs to leave campus for a medical or court appointment, we ask that the parent/guardian send a note or come into the Attendance Office the morning of the appointment and sign their student out. Students will need to come to the attendance office before the time they need to leave and pick up an off-campus pass. Messages will not be delivered to students during class hours.

We would also like to remind students and parents that students who leave campus for any reason before the end of their school day (including 7th period classes and after school sports) without checking out with the attendance office are considered truant.

Attendance Boundaries

Attendance boundaries are established using elementary school attendance areas, thus grouping students by their neighborhoods.

To determine your student’s high school you may use the Address Index.

Procedures for Intra-district Transfers

Busing will be provided during the time of phase-in for upper class-men and their younger sibling to the original school. When the upper class-men are no longer at the original school, busing will stop for those there on the Sibling Option. Otherwise, current standards for busing apply:

High School walk distance = 3.0 miles
Junior High walk district = 2.0 miles
Elementary School walk district = 1.0 miles

Ten Steps to Becoming a Gregori Student

  1. Welcome/Enrollment/Counselor
  2. Student Vital Signs (Credits, Grades, Attendance)
  3. Picture ID
  4. Cafeteria/Lunch #
  5. Review Conduct Code
  6. Review GHS rules/regulations
  7. Review GHS ID rules/expectations/consequences
  8. Tour of GHS
  9. Discuss trash policy/expectations
  10. Administration and office staff introduction

Safety Hotline

Call (209) 574-1752 to report:

  • Students Needing Help
  • Threats
  • Weapons
  • Violence
  • Drug Sales
  • Graffiti/vandalism

Modesto Outreach and Intervention Team
Outreach & Intervention Team Coordinator

(209) 574-1608

426 Locust Street
Modesto CA 95351-2631