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Gregori High School FAQ’s for the College Bound Senior!

Be sure to read the College & Scholarship Bulletin. It will cover all the information and deadlines that you need to know.  It will also be posted on the Gregori website as well.

When do I apply to 4-year colleges?  Apply ONLINE!!

  • October 1st -November 30th for  CSU ( Application fees are $60.00 per campus.
  • November 1st -30th  for UC ( Application fees are $70.00 per campus.
  • Fee waivers for CSU and UC are available online when you apply.
  • Private universities have differing deadlines and application fees. Check individual college websites and Naviance for specific information.
  • When filling out your applications, have your current transcript with you so that you enter every detail correctly. If you misrepresent, the college can rescind their offer once they receive your final transcript in June. If you receive a “D” or “F” the first semester of your senior year, you MUST call the colleges you applied to and inform them.

Senior FAQ’s

  1. Do I need to take the SAT Subject Tests for the UC System?

    Two SAT Subject Tests will no longer be required for admission.  However, students could still choose to submit their scores for consideration as part of their application.  The Subject Tests also could be recommended for certain majors.  The UC system has become very impacted therefore it is strongly recommended that all students take and submit the SAT Subject Tests.      If you plan to major in Mathematics or Science areas, it is strongly recommended you take the subject tests in math and science on the SAT. Please refer to specific campuses to which test is necessary to apply for that major.
  2. How do I send my SAT scores to the CSU’s and UC’s?
    • If you would like your SAT scores sent to multiple CSU’s, you can use CSU Mentor, Long Beach code (or 3594) and it will go to all 23 campuses (it only counts as ONE of the four you get to send free).
    • To send your SAT’s to all the UC’s, you will just need to choose one UC and it will be sent to all 9 campuses.
    • UC’s will take the highest test score from one sitting whereas the CSU’s will take the highest math and verbal from multiple test dates.
    • ALL TESTING must be completed by the last December test date. However, there are a few CSU campuses (Chico, Cal Poly and San Diego) that want your testing done by the October test date. Make sure you send your official scores before December!             
  3. What is EOP?

    The Educational Opportunity Program is designed to improve access and retention of historically low-income, educationally disadvantaged and/or first generation college students.  You may not necessarily have to meet all the A-G requirements. When applying online to the CSU or UC, you must check the box that indicates you are applying through EOP. Financial assistance is usually offered as well.
  4. What is the Eligibility Index?

    When applying to the CSU, they will look at a combination of your GPA and test scores (verbal & math only, not writing). You must have a minimum eligibility index of 2900. You can calculate your eligibility index with the following formula:
    • SAT scores: (your GPA) x 800 + your SAT Total
    • ACT scores: (your GPA) x 200 + (10 x ACT Composite)
    • Your class rank and GPA should be available by the beginning of October.
  5. When do I find out if I am accepted?

    For CSUs, the earlier you apply, the sooner you will hear back.  UC acceptance letters are typically received in mid-March to early April.  Private universities will vary.
  6. When do I have to make a final decision regarding acceptance?

    By May 1, in most cases.  Read and respond to requests for information carefully when you receive your acceptance letters!
  7. Do I need to send a transcript with my UC and CSU application?

    No, the UC and CSU applications DO NOT require a transcript. However, some CSU campuses will ask for one in the early fall.   Be sure to check the requirements of private schools regarding transcripts and letters of recommendation. Check your email frequently!
  8. Do I need to send letters of recommendation for college?

    Not for UC or CSU schools.  Private university and scholarship applications will typically require one or more letters of recommendation (check specifics).  Ask teachers who know you well, and give them at least 3-4 weeks’ notice.  Pick up a “How To Handle Letters of Recommendation” packet in the Career Center in the N Building.
  9. What is the Common Application and how do I use it?

    Common applications are often used when applying to private universities. Go to  to access the application. Remember that private colleges have different deadlines, so be sure to do your research carefully. There is a portion of the application in which you will need to waive your FERPA rights and a section Mrs. Argain will complete as well as teacher and counselor recommendations.  Please make an appointment with Mrs. Argain if you plan to apply to one or more private colleges.  There is also an additional packet called “How To Handle Letters of Recommendations” that you will need.
  10. What is the EPT and ELM?

    These are two tests that need to be taken for the CSU purposes (math and English placement tests). However, you may be exempt from taking one or both of these tests based on your STAR tests from junior year. On the back of your STAR summary sheet you received home it will tell you if you are “Exempt”, “Conditionally Exempt”, or “Not Exempt” or not in English.  In math you may be “Exempt”, “Conditionally Exempt” or “Not Exempt”. You may also be exempt by your SAT or ACT scores--- See your guidance counselor or Mrs. Argain for more details. If you need to take the EPT and/or ELM placement test, please plan on taking either the January or February test at CSU, Stanislaus. You will need to go on the CSU, Stanislaus website and download the form to register.
  11. How many colleges should I apply to?

    Probably 3-4:  a “dream” school, a couple of “probable admittance” and “safety” college.
  12. Should I make campus visits?

    Absolutely! It’s chancy to buy something without checking it out first (and you don’t want a four year ‘blind’ date).  Try to schedule visits periodically throughout your high school career. Be sure to see Mr. Albritton at least two weeks prior to the visit.
  13. How do I find colleges that will best fit my major and areas of interest?

    Visit Naviance . If you take the Personality Type and Career Interest Profiler it will match you to careers that best suit your personality and colleges that have that those majors.
  14. How can I find out about scholarships?

    Scholarships are posted on the Gregori  College & Scholarship Bulletin, through the National Scholarship Search tool in Naviance and the reliable websites provided for you on the Gregori College Counseling webpage.  Once you decided where you are going to attend, be sure to check out the scholarships that are offered by your college/university! 
  15. When should I apply for financial aid?

    The FAFSA application is one form you and your family will fill out together. All students should apply for financial aid regardless of GPA or family income level.  FAFSA is to be filed starting January 1st – March 2.   Make sure your social security number is correct with Mrs. Argain in December when she visits your Government class. This will allow MCS to electronically submit your Cal Grants. Financial aid is given for different reasons and can be used at all different types of colleges: 4-year universities, community colleges and some career technical schools. It is highly encouraged to file your FAFSA no later than the end of January.
  16. What if I am not sure what my Naviance information is?

    If you have never used Naviance before, see Mrs. Argain in the C Building and schedule an appointment to get started. Naviance is an amazing college and career program that can serve you in numerous ways. Naviance will also track the schools you apply to and are accepted by in the spring.  If you need to reset your password or forgot your log-in, see Mrs. Argain. There will also be an Exit Senior Survey to be completed before you check out for graduation in May (more details to come later).
  17. Will my AP test scores earn me college credit at every university?

    Many CSU and UC campuses accept AP exam scores of 3, 4, or 5.  Private colleges may handle these in different ways. To view AP credit policy by university, go to:  . It is strongly recommended to check by specific campus on individual college websites to see how credit is awarded.
  18. What if I want to play sports at a Division I or Division II school?

    Register with the NCAA by the end of your junior year or very beginning of your senior year. Visit and go to the Eligibility Center tab. Meet with your counselor and Athletic Director to verify that you are on track to meet the NCAA requirements.