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Principal Derek Pendley
3701 Pirrone Road
Modesto, CA 95356
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Are You Down Credits at Gregori High School?

If you are down credits there are a couple of options for you to make them up:

 Summer School

  • Summer School is offered for remediation purposes only, with the exception of art and computer literacy.  Students who need to make up classes can repeat them for credit over the summer.  Summer school consists of two 3-week sessions.  Each 3-week session represents one semester of a particular class.  Students can make up a maximum of two semesters during the summer. 
  • **Sign ups for summer school occur during balloting for next year's classes.

Extended Summer School.

  • Students can also make up classes during extended summer school (ESS).  Students in ESS take classes during the school year a couple of days per week for approximately 3 hours per day. 
  • **Sign ups for extended summer school occur at the beginning of each semester.
  • If you are down credits, please be sure to see your counselor for more information and registration.

How to Stay on Track for Graduation

Units which must be earned to be On-Track for Graduation:

Grade    Unit             End of     		End of 
         Requirements	  First Semester        Second Semester
9 	 230 		  25 			55
10 	 230 		  85 			115
11 	 230 		  145 			170
12 	 230 		  200 			230

Each Year: 

 9th graders must earn 55 units 
10th graders must earn 60 units
11th graders must earn 55 units
12th graders must earn 60 units

(This also applies to students transferring into Modesto City Schools from other school districts.)