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Principal Derek Pendley
3701 Pirrone Road
Modesto, CA 95356
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Contact Your Counselor

Use the contact information below to contact a counselor for your needs!  You can also book appointments with your counselor using Bookings! Watch this video to learn more about booking an appointment. 


Alison Kuykendall - College Counselor. Office phone 209-492-4183, B-Building Career Center: [email protected] (Book a SENIOR MEETING)

Sam De La Rosa –  Work Experience Specialist. Office Phone 209-492-6593. B-Building Career Center: [email protected]


Find your counselor in the L Building Counseling Center, your last name will determine your counselor:

A – Di = Ms. Corrie Johnson Office Phone 209-492-4049, email: [email protected] – BOOKINGS LINK HERE

Dj – Ka = Mrs. Erika Suarez Office Phone 209-492-6592, email: [email protected] – BOOKINGS LINK HERE

Kb – O = Mrs. Brandi Miller Office Phone 209-492-5736, email: [email protected] – BOOKINGS LINK HERE

P – Sai & EL Students = Mr. Juan Zamora Office Phone 209-492-3058, email: [email protected] – BOOKINGS LINK HERE

Saj – Z = Mr. Mark Hernandez  - email: [email protected] – BOOKINGS LINK HERE

G230, TOPS & SPED = Ms. Bailey Alvarez email: [email protected] – BOOKINGS LINK HERE

Small Learning Communities Secretaries

Career Technology: [email protected] (M-Th) & [email protected] (Fri)

Global Studies: [email protected]

Digital Media & Business: [email protected]

Visual & Performing Arts: [email protected] 

Electronic Report Card

In an effort to continue to bolster the communication between schools and families, Modesto City Schools (MCS) district has purchased the Secure Document Delivery (SDD) from School Messenger. This product will allow MCS to email your students’ Progress Reports and Report Cards to parents that have an email address in PowerSchool. You should have received a letter from Gregori High School regarding this in the first week of October, 2014.

Instructions for using the Parent Portal and Contact Manager are available on the district website under the “Students & Parents” section. Click the “PowerSchool Parent Portal” link then click the “Parent FAQs” in the left-side navigation bar. The document is named “Parent Guide.pdf”.

The first electronic grade report to be sent will be the Quarter 1 Report Card. We anticipate sending the Q1 report cards on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. Electronic grade reports will be received by parents several days earlier than printed grade reports. Parents will be prompted to enter the password provided by their student’s school before they will be allowed to open the grade report. Your student’s password is your son or daughter’s 6-digit Student ID number.

Power School – Monitor Assignments and Grades

PowerSchool Logo

Login or Create an Account

What is PowerSchool?

With PowerSchool, parents will be able to access vital information about their children quickly and accurately. They can see the results of tests and assignments as soon as they are recorded, enabling them to intervene quickly and communicate with guidance counselors and teachers, if necessary. Day in and day out, PowerSchool will help parents help their children achieve their potential. PowerSchool is a comprehensive student information system that will enable the Modesto City Schools District to easily manage a wealth of information online: be it grades, transcripts, report cards, assessments, or daily attendance. Detailed Parent Guide For The Parent Portal – See link to the right side of the page


Most parent access account codes can be retrieved through the Parent Access Account Lookup Page. Parents will need to have the following information available in order for the account code lookup to work:

  • School site
  • Student ID
  • Birth Date
  • Last four digits of SSN

If this method does not work, you may request that your login information be sent to you by contacting your school's office. A letter will be mailed to you with your login information. Login ID’s and passwords will not be given out over the phone, or in an email, to protect the confidentiality of your son/daughter’s information.


There are two separate parent portals; one for grades K-8 and one for high school. If you have students in both grade levels you will need to create an account for both portals. Once you have retrieved the Student Account Codes from Step One above, follow the links below to set up your account and register your student codes. (You will need to click on the button that says CREATE ACCOUNT.)

To create an account for parents with students in 9 - 12th grade click here.


Once you have set up your parent login(s) and associated your students to your login by entering their Student Account Codes, you may login directly by entering your Parent Username and Password that you created in Step Two above.